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The World Health Organization already recommended that schools distance children 1 meter apart (3.3 feet). The

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However, schools can develop solutions to better retain these teachers by confronting systemic issues related to

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Meanwhile, evidence mounts of the social, emotional and academic toll remote learning has taken on children,

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More testing: A Pandemic Testing Board will use the Defense Production Act and other means to

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The end result is burnout, and that was true before the pandemic thrust upon teachers a

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The U.S. has taken a different approach. As new cases climb above 100,000 per day, there

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Her kids started back to school in person, at least for now. Across the country as

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But now that so many students are being taught online via distance learning during a pandemic,

How Families are Pushing Schools to Teach Reading Skills More Effectively

As an adult, and throughout her childhood, Williams learned how to compensate for her inability to