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Kids In Illinois Will Soon Be Able To Take 5 Mental Health Days From School

“The younger school-age kids are more anxious about separation from their parents and caregivers,” child and

An unknown schoolgirl with a backpack hugs her knees and sits on the curb by herself at a bus stop, while the bus is parked nearby.

According to the CDC, between March and May, 2020, hospitals across the country saw a 24%

Safety, Agency, Connection: Priorities to Help Students Transition Back to School

To prepare for the start of the school year, Vicklund is concentrating on building learning skills.

Middle school students in a cafeteria during lunch

Ashley Park’s experience is not unusual. Over the past two decades, several urban school districts, including

An 8th-Grader Finally Returns To School In Person, Hoping It Lasts

But for Natalie, there’s one thing that has stayed the same: the thrill of going back

How Some Districts Are Trying To Get Anxious Families Back Into School Buildings

For Healy and her family, the back-to-school season comes at the end of a year marked

Fandom Can Be A Lot Like High School — Here's How To Avoid The Bad Stuff

So how do fans navigate these communities, to find the good parts while being aware of

A Year Of School Like No Other: How A Teacher, A Student And A Parent Have Coped

For Nelson, the separation was heartbreaking: “You’re not a teacher if you can’t be with your

English language learners face added difficulty during distance learning.

Among the challenges: There are fewer resources for teaching English learners remotely, and many English learners

More Counselors, Summer School And Other Bold Ideas To Help Students Catch Up

“The data on the amount of unfinished instruction that students will have from school closures is