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'Be Proud Of Where You Come From': An Indian-American Teen's Winning Podcast

(You can listen to the middle school winner and college winners on the Student Podcast Challenge

MindShift Podcast is Back with Season Five!

The MindShift Podcast is back with our fifth season. We’re here just in time to unpack

Coronavirus, Racism And Kindness: How NYC Middle-Schoolers Built A Winning Podcast

The pod starts gently, interweaving innocent, COVID-inspired vocabulary lessons in Mandarin — think “mask” and “sneeze”

How Making A Podcast Enriched Students' Lives | MindShift

A shot of self-confidence Deanna Hull was a driving force behind “Murderous Mary.” She says the

MindShift Podcast is Back With Season Four! | MindShift

At the beginning of the year, we reached out on social media to ask what concerns