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New Data Highlight Disparities In Students Learning In Person vs. Remotely

The Education Department created the survey in response to an executive action signed by President Biden

A student participates in remote learning.

Another benefit for Bobby is that all his assignments, readings and instructions are laid out on

NPR/Ipsos Poll: Nearly One-Third Of Parents May Stick With Remote Learning

My kid is doing fine, but we want help However their children were attending school, 48%

For Some Black Students, Remote Learning Has Offered A Chance To Thrive

His mom says there are fewer distractions, he can work independently and it’s been easier for

States Must Test Student Learning This Spring, Biden Administration Says

The department is granting states lots of flexibility, but critics of the current accountability system are

Home Visits, Deliveries and Care Can Help Students Who've Disappeared From Online Learning

Doyen says after just a few weeks of classes this fall, the school saw that dozens

What Lessons Does Special Education Hold for Improving Personalized Learning?

But there are plenty of reasons to be cautious. If anything, special education demonstrates the vast

How Historically Responsive Literacy Can Make Learning More Relevant to Students

But teachers Dominique Herard and Suzie McGlone say they have been teaching students this way for

How Can Virtual Tutoring Help Students During Distance Learning?

Data is piling up that shows this spring’s school closures knocked many students off course. Testing

Report Offers Clearest Picture Yet Of Pandemic's Impact On Student Learning

The data at the heart of NWEA’s report come from what’s known to teachers and children