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The key is practice and adult support, says Hurley. “You have to practice this when they’re

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For children in grades three to five, Morningside recommends a brief, fact-based account of the day,

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“The younger school-age kids are more anxious about separation from their parents and caregivers,” child and

An unknown schoolgirl with a backpack hugs her knees and sits on the curb by herself at a bus stop, while the bus is parked nearby.

According to the CDC, between March and May, 2020, hospitals across the country saw a 24%

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“I would advise using the most comfortable mask, but at least ensure that it’s a double-layer

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Problem is, many of the practices that stem from these myths are time-consuming, expensive and exhausting

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During the same two-decade period when the study data was collected, the consumption of unprocessed or

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