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‘Don’t go back to the old normal’: Opportunities for Adolescent Learning Revealed by COVID-19  

Those particularly attuned to brain development during adolescence might wonder about the pandemic’s impact on children.

What the Research Says About School Reopening and COVID-19 Transmission

Emerging evidence Enric Álvarez at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya looked at different regions within Spain

How to Help Young Children Sleep Better During COVID-19

Most days, Jen Lamott would describe her daughter, Katie, as cheerful and kind. Lately, though, the

Is School Safe? Will Districts Test For COVID-19? Answering Back-To-School Questions

AUBREY: Well, kids definitely do get the virus. Overall, they tend not to get as sick

What Parents Can Learn From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During COVID19 Lockdowns

In a separate, unscientific survey of child care centers, Brown University economist Emily Oster found that,