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The data at the heart of NWEA’s report come from what’s known to teachers and children

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Humans also “vary in their tendency to introduce their friends to one another,” she reports. Just

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“Lucille insisted, seeing the action as an opportunity to help all Black children, and walked Ruby,

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Mindfulness, an umbrella term for a range of practices, is about observing your emotions and state

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“The traditional gender division of labor is very durable,” Cooper says. “Even the most egalitarian-thinking couples,

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To promote cross-group friendships, schools can offer affinity groups, interest-based clubs, speakers, facilitated lunches, read-alouds, game

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Gest, who is chair of human services at the Curry School of Education and Human Development,

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The U.S. has taken a different approach. As new cases climb above 100,000 per day, there

What A Biden Presidency Could Mean For Education

But even within those districts, many or most students are staying home to avoid the virus.