Is Free Community College a Good Idea?

Middlebury College is moving all classes and final exams online for the rest of the semester.

The announcement Thursday came after 34 new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed, bringing the total to 49 active student cases and one active employee case.

“While many of the new cases we have identified appear to be connected, occurring in clusters among people who socialize together, an increase in the prevalence of COVID-19 increases the likelihood of broader community transmission. Given the timing of this increase, coinciding with the end of the fall semester and imminent student departures, we have decided to move immediately to remote instruction and postpone in-person events. This includes classes that meet on Friday, December 10, final exams, and all formal and informal events, including athletics competitions and performing arts,” the announcement said.

“With more than 99 percent of students fully vaccinated and many already receiving booster doses, the risk of adverse health outcomes from the Delta variant is low. Rising student cases that require isolation, ongoing transmission, and the few days remaining in the semester warrant the change to remote instruction,” the announcement added.

The college is encouraging students to leave Middlebury now but is making arrangements for those who cannot.

Inside Higher Ed