Decline in First-Time Graduates Stunts Growth in Undergrad Credential Earners

Title: Federal Policies for Increasing Socioeconomic Diversity at Selective Colleges and Universities

Source: Ithaka S+R

Authors: Elizabeth Davidson Pisacreta, Emily Schwartz, Catharine Bond Hill, Martin Kurzweil

A new brief from Ithaka S+R draws attention to the ways federal policies can expand access to selective postsecondary institutions for lower-income students. These suggestions include:

  • An expectation that colleges participating in the Federal Student Aid program enroll at least 15 percent Pell-eligible students, with an incremental endowment tax credit offered to those serving higher shares
  • A limited antitrust exemption
  • Increased data collection and reporting for improved transparency and accountability

The authors applaud the federal government’s role in supporting access and affordability for enrollees at broad-access institutions, while asserting a need to simultaneously incentivize more avenues for low-income students at well-resourced colleges.

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Anna Marie Ramos

Higher Education Today