Preliminary Analysis of the Survey on Senior International Education Officers

The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) recently released preliminary results from a survey of senior international education officers (SIOs) and shared a snapshot of leadership positions in the field of international education.

The survey was conducted in the fall of 2020 and included questions on the profile of individuals holding this position in higher education. One-fifth (22 percent) of respondents reported internationalization is included in their mission statement, as well as their top priority in institutional strategic plans.

The most common title for SIOs was “director or executive director” (36 percent), followed by “associate or assistant vice president/chancellor/provost” (29 percent). More than half (59 percent) of SIOs reported to a vice president/chancellor/provost of academic affairs.

The major challenges SIOs face included obtaining resources or funding and enrollment/study abroad participation, political environment, staffing, decentralization, and changes of leadership.

To read the full result, including SIOs’ demographics, please click here.

Haelim Chun

Higher Education Today