Jotería Pedagogy at PWIs as a Tool to Foster a Sense of Belonging

Title: Jotería Identity and Consciousness: Pláticas of Co-creation with Undergraduate Queer Latinx Students

Author: Sergio Gonzalez


A new practice brief from Rutgers Graduate School of Education in The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity, and Justice centers the experiences of queer Latinx undergraduate students to explore solutions towards a sense of belonging. The brief shares how predominantly white institutions (PWIs) factors influence sense of belonging for queer Latinx undergraduate students and the role jotería pedagogy can play in advancing efforts of belongingness, campus climate, and success. Jotería is used as an umbrella term for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other sexual expressions; however, the term refers primarily to queer and gender-nonconforming Latinx and Chicanx individuals. The brief highlights three themes that emerged from interviews with participants: 1) Do I belong?, 2) Radical Queer Love, and 3) Critical Consciousness/Jotería Identity. These themes support recommendations of further research needed to be done specifically to queer Latinx undergraduate students and a way to apply jotería pedagogy to practice as a way to advance equity and inclusion efforts at PWIs. Read the full brief here.

Ángel Gonzalez

Higher Education Today