Improving Postsecondary Access for Rural America

Title: National Study Profiles Noncredit Workforce Programs at Community Colleges

Source: Association of Community College Trustees

Author: Tamar Jacoby

An early review of workforce programs across 127 community colleges reports that 28 percent of students enrolled in 2019 were noncredit learners taking coursework to meet industry needs. Among these students, 58 percent were enrolled in occupational programs, 42 percent were in “job-focused programs open to any qualified student,” and 16 percent were in customized contract training for employers. The author finds that 42 percent of program funding comes from students’ out-of-pocket tuition, while employers take on approximately 18 percent of the cost. The report also provides insight on program quality assurance and availability, in addition to noting a forthcoming and more extensive report based on a larger set of institutions’ survey responses.

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 —Anna Marie Ramos

Higher Education Today