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What Biden presidency could bring for higher education

Joe Biden’s apparent election as president could pave the way for a dramatic shift in higher

Minecraft Mock Poll Aims To Educate Kids About Voting

Dubbed “Build The Vote,” the simulation is designed to educate kids on the voting process and

Let's Talk About Race: An Interview With Ronald A. Crutcher

Title: Using Technology to Access Mental Health Support Services for International Students Attending American Colleges and

Latest News on Coronavirus and Higher Education

Students at British University Tear Down Fences Nov. 6, 6:23 a.m. Students at the University of

When Everything is a Bit Much, Writing in a Journal Can Help

These four tips will help you get started: 1. Journal whenever you want, for however long


By Darren Cambridge and Brad Farnsworth The 2020 presidential election was bound to be controversial even

Young Voters Choose Biden by a Nearly 2:1 Margin

Young voters aged 18 to 29 supported Joe Biden over Donald Trump by a nearly two-to-one

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election

The idea, she says, is to allow kids to “ask questions about what they’re seeing, how

Let's Talk About Race: An Interview With Sylvia Hurtado

Title: Immigrant-Origin Students in U.S. Higher Education: A Data Profile Authors: Jeanne Batalova and Miriam Feldblum

Latest News on Coronavirus and Higher Education

Skidmore Suspends 46 Students Nov. 2, 6:20 a.m. Skidmore College suspended 46 students for violating the