Community College Success: The Holistic Measures of the Student Success Project

Title: Measuring the Whole Student Landscape Review of Traditional and Holistic Approaches to Community College Student Success

Authors: Melissa Blankstein and Christine Wolff-Eisenberg

Source: Ithaka S+R

A new report from Ithaka S+R provides insight to the beginning of the Holistic Measures of Student Success (HMSS) project, which explores the components of student success at community colleges.

The report notes that traditional measures often define “success” by graduation rates, year-to-year retention, and post-graduation employment. However, the authors argue that community colleges have to explore different metrics given their open-access nature, multitude of program offerings, and diverse enrollment nature. Community college success metrics should consider other factors including support for basic needs, physical and mental health, transportation, child care, and technology and internet access.

This report is the first of many planned from Ithaka S+R. Upcoming reports will focus on recommendations for action.

—Ángel Gonzalez

Higher Education Today