Many colleges were facing financial pressure before the pandemic. But the crisis has exacerbated those challenges and stoked more questions about the sustainability of colleges with shaky finances. How can students and their families know more about which colleges are at risk?

A new episode of The Key With Insider Higher Ed features an interview with Nick Ducoff, cofounder and CEO of Edmit, a college admissions firm focused on financial decisions. Edmit has created projections of when private colleges are likely to run out of money. We spoke with Nick, who has written opinion pieces for Inside Higher Ed, about those analyses and the gaps he sees in what students and their parents can find out about the financial health of colleges.

Also featured in this episode is Barbara Brittingham, who just stepped down as president of the New England Commission of Higher Education, a regional accreditor. Brittingham has been a well-placed observer of the financial woes of struggling colleges, and is an expert on the U.S. regulatory system’s role in overseeing higher education finance.

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