Teacher Appreciation Week: What Teachers Would Like to Have During Distance Learning

So many teachers have gone out of their way to reach out to students and families. But teachers need support, too. After all, they ramped up crisis distance teaching in record time while checking in on their students and managing the pandemic in their own lives.

I would have felt appreciated if, during the 2 weeks between when school let out and distance learning began, if even one student, or parent, or former student or parent had sent a simple email checking in on me and my family—just asking if we were ok.

I’ve asked many teacher friends far and wide. All say they sent emails like that or made phone calls to their students, but none of them received a message from a student or parent.

While we’ve been doing distance learning for a while now, I would still appreciate a little email of concern. Just ask to make sure all in my family are well, ask if the oil prices have affected my family members’ jobs. Show some care.
-PJ McIntire Williams

And with so much of the teaching responsibilities now on the shoulders of parents and caregivers at home, Shannon O’Brien suggested recognizing parents, too, with appreciation.

As a teacher and a mom I think we should be including parents in appreciation week. They are suddenly homeschooling.
-Shannon O’Brien

But there’s no denying the overwhelm people are feeling, especially for those who are dealing with COVID19 infections and economic hardship.    

I have student families dealing with covid illness. Last thing on my mind is being appreciated.
-Ariana Vilcins

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