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Title: Highlights from CUPA-HR 2020 Administrators in Higher Education Annual Report

Date: April 2020

Source: CUPA-HR

Authors: Adam Pritchard, Sarah Nadel-Hawthorne, Anthony Schmidt, Melissa Fuesting and Jacqueline Bichsel

CUPA-HR has released a report that surveyed 50,690 administrators in 202 different positions in higher education institutions. The survey includes information on three key positions: president/CEO, provost/chief academic officer, and chief human resources officers. It also captured the opinions of administrators from a total of 1,160 institutions.

The key findings include:

  • Nearly one-third of presidents (32 percent) were women, and 14 percent of presidents were people of color.
  • Overall, administrators received the highest increase in pay in the past year (2.73 percent), compared with faculty, professionals, and other staff.
  • Salaries varied according to institutional type, with administrators at doctoral institutions receiving higher salaries than those at other types of institutions.
  • Women administrators were paid less than men in all administrative positions and were more often in lower-level, lower-paying administrative positions.
  • People of color were most heavily represented in lower-level administrative positions.
  • Regardless of years of experience, a salary gap persisted between men and women, though this gap was bigger between older workers and younger workers.
  • Many of the presidents had previously been deans, provosts, and presidents elsewhere. Fewer than 10 percent of presidents came from fields other than higher education.

To read the full report, please click here.

⁠—Haelim Chun

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