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Title: The Overlooked Value of Certificates and Associate’s Degrees

Source: Georgetown University. Center on Education and the Workforce

Author: Anthony P. Carnevale, Tanya I. Garcia, Neil Ridley, and Michael C. Quinn.

A recent report by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce analyzes student participation and labor-market outcomes for associate degree and certificate recipients. The findings show large differences in earnings by field of study, with engineering and architecture associate degree holders earning twice as much as associate degree holders in education or the arts.

Among other findings, the report highlights high participation rates by Black, Latino, low-income, and older students in associate degree programs, indicating a more diverse student body for these programs than for bachelor’s degree programs.

The report concludes with a few policy recommendations that emphasize the importance of improving data transparency, data collection, and accountability.

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—Maria Claudia Soler

Higher Education Today