Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Through Pathway Programs for Latinx Students

Title: Paving the Way for Latinx Teachers: Recruitment and Preparation to Promote Educator Diversity

Source: New America

 Authors: Roxanne Garza

In a report for New America, education policy writer Roxanne Garza examines the pathways into teaching for Latinx individuals. Given the influx of Latinx children and the underrepresentation of Latinx teachers in U.S. public schools, this report aims to identify and mitigate barriers encountered by Latinx teachers in their pursuit of becoming an educator.

The report outlines three distinct examples of programs that have strengthened and diversified the teacher workforce in three locations throughout the United States: Skagit Valley’s Supported Teacher Pathway, San Antonio’s P-20 Partnerships, and Chicago Bilingual Teacher Residency program.

For each of these pathway programs, Garza underscores the importance of developing and sustaining collaborative partnerships between Pre-K-12 and higher education institutions that meet the diverse needs of Latinx students and appropriately prepare them to be educators. She also stresses the necessity of prioritizing intentional recruitment of Latinx students during their pre-collegiate years.

The report concludes with key policy recommendations to improve pathways into teaching for Latinx students.

To learn about these policy recommendations and view the full report, please click here.

—Darsella Vigil

Higher Education Today