Digital Tool Examines State Financial Aid Programs Across the Nation

Title: 50-State Comparison: Need- and Merit-Based Financial Aid

Source: Education Commission of the States

Author: Sarah Pingel

The Education Commission of the States recently released a tool that examines the two largest financial aid programs offered in each state.

The tool includes state-level information on the type of financial aid program, the criteria used to determine financial aid eligibility, whether students are required to complete a FAFSA, and other factors. It also allows users to produce reports for each state and the nation as a whole.

A key point shared by the tool indicated that 46 of the nation’s 100 largest financial aid programs are need-based, 18 are merit-based, 14 are awarded based on a combination of both need and merit, and 22 use other eligibility requirements, such as field of study or military service.

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—Ben Schaap

Higher Education Today