Campus Healthcare Benefits for Domestic Partners on the Decline

Title: 2019 Healthcare Benefits for Higher Education Employees

Source: CUPA-HR

Author: Jacqueline Bichsel, Jasper McChesney, and Adam Pritchard

A recent report by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) highlights the change in healthcare benefits that were offered to domestic partners of employees at colleges and universities.

Among their findings, the gap in offerings between same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partners narrowed to 18 percentage points in 2019, a four-percentage point reduction compared to 2017. However, opposite-sex and same-sex domestic partners saw overall declines benefit offerings in 2019 at a rate of six and 10 percentage points respectively.

The authors also note declines in offerings to retirees and part-time employees, as well as to the resources that support employee wellness programs.

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—Ben Schaap

Higher Education Today