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Disrupt Education’s unique system allows high school students to graduate high school with a college credential. This saves money and time. This means less debt and you spend less time in college.

Currently, the largest barriers to attaining a post-secondary credential are time and money. Even if you can acquire the funding you are often left with a staggering amount of debt. That debt will hamper your opportunities and influence all of your decisions in the future. 

The time required is even harder to overcome. Time is one resource that can never be replaced. You just have to trudge through and hope for the best.

The average student takes four years to attain a Bachelor’s Degree and graduates with $37,000 of debt. This is a debt that will follow students their entire lives.

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US higher education is caught in a quandary. Students all over the world would love to have a degree from an American college. However, the system is sorely in need of innovation in terms of cost, delivery, and time-to-degree. 

Colleges and universities are doing their best to serve students with limited resources. Students themselves are accruing debt at a staggering rate. Debt that will follow many of them most of their adult lives while stifling their opportunities and flexibility. Not to mention lost potential for our economy.

Change is unlikely to come through state or federal governments. However, change is here. It’s called Disrupt Education and the Disruption Alliance.